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Mac Makeup also known as Makeup Art Cosmetics started in Canada in 1984. Fashion mac cosmetics uk photographers Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo created the cosmetic line, because they saw a need for a more versatile and creative cosmetic product that could handle the demand for entertainment professional photo shoots. Toskan and Angelo creative vision filled the gap between makeup art and fashion photography. This cosmetic line allowed makeup artists to create special effects without the use of stage makeup. The company took the beauty industry by storm with it's glamorous images and major celebrity endorsement.

The range consists of products for the face that are smudge proof, velvet textured eye shadows and blushes, moisturizing lipsticks, skincare products to maintain a flawless look, makeup tools, nail products, fragrance and bags and cases. The products are rich and true to tone to give a look of one who wants to go bold or look natural. Mac Makeup philosophy is a cosmetic line wearable for an urban nine to five look to an evening cocktails look mac cosmetics uk . Women have fallen in love with this cosmetic line because it captures their beauty. Whether they are dressed up for the red carpet or posing as a beautiful bride, Mac cosmetics line is a makeup they can depend on.

Unlike other cosmetic lines in the market, they search and employ top makeup artists to show their work. Many of these makeup artists have an existing background in entertainment makeup artistry. Mac Makeup has top celebrity endorsements and faces representing their line. Celebrities like Fergie, Pamela Anderson and mac cosmetics uk Lisa Marie Presley have been celebrity spokespersons for the cosmetic line. Not only women have endorsed Mac's line, but even Boy George has been a spokesperson. Every season they release a cosmetic palette that is current with trends and seasonal colors.

Their cosmetic line has serious staying power, because it seeks to keep eyes mac cosmetics uk looking forward to the latest fashion palette. Not only do they care about makeup and quality products, but they created MAC AIDS fund to support the cause of HIV AIDS. Since 1994 they have raised more than $100 million for MAC AIDS fund. The company offers Good Spirits which is a free public service for men and women living with AIDS. Mac Makeup line will be around when others have faded out, because they want to capture beauty not just a look.